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General help : frequently asked questions...

  • Is my online payment on the website secure? Yes, you benefit from an encrypted and secure payment without a bank card code. We use the credit card payment system provided by the PayPal® group as such, you can pay for a purchase in two ways: either with your Paypal® account without giving your credit card number, or through traditional payment by credit card. when you arrive on the Paypal® payment page. You can pay for your purchases with your credit card, Visa, Master Card or any other bank card by entering your card number and its expiry date. France Guitare does not store any bank card or payment order information in its database. France Guitare has selected Paypal® to guarantee the security of payments without any risk for the buyer. PayPal® handles hundreds of millions of payments worldwide and is the primary payment method on, used by tens of thousands of online merchants worldwide for its performance, customer service and security . Your online purchases on France Guitare are therefore secure and without any risk.
  • Can you mix parts from different Fender® guitar models? The characteristics of the parts vary on the different brands of Fender and the different models. We do not recommend trying the experiment unless you have checked beforehand that they are correctly adjusted and compatible. A stratocaster neck can fit almost any stratocaster body but not all stratocaster necks can fit Telecaster or JazzMaster bodies. You can consult the technical sheets on the website www. fender .com or visit our violin-making knowledge base to understand and learn how to choose a replacement body or neck for your Fender electric guitar and bass.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Parts

  • Can I put a Telecaster neck on a Stratocaster body and vice versa? This may be possible but we do not recommend it unless you have checked the dimensions and dimensions perfectly. The locations of the screws and the dimensions often differ from one model to another. All Fender parts are not calibrated and adjusted to combine and are not necessarily compatible from one year to the next. So be careful: make your choice after finding out the precise dimensions of the parts to be assembled. Read our article on "How to choose a Fender® neck ?", it is very important to know how to distinguish Fender necks according to categories, level of range and series manufactured according to the years. This advice is valid for pickguards: a Reissue 57 Stratocaster type pickguard does not correspond to that of a standard Amercian Stratocaster from the 60's or from 2010, a switch knob for a 52 Telecaster will not fit on a switch of Telecaster 1972.
  • Can all Fender necks be mounted on all Fender bodies as long as they are of the same type and category (Example: a Telecaster neck on any Telecaster body)? These questions are specific to violin making. We cannot certify this, rather ask the question to our support or consult the detailed product sheet. This is partly true, but the variety of models available on the market makes incompatibility possible. In general, a vintage seventies type neck with 3 screwing points can be adapted to any body of the same generation with 3 screwing points, but you must check according to the type of neck : width at the fixing heel and width/height of the screw pocket cut into the body. Many guitarists mix and match the different models, but this may require additional modification of the original parts configuration. We encourage you to exercise caution and do your homework for your custom guitar project. that said, all original or reissue 50's to 70's body models have a neck screw pocket with standard dimensions, standard width, which means that all Stratocaster necks can be mounted on it. Do not hesitate to seek advice at the time of your purchase. Most of the time it is safest to match model parts according to their origin, ie the country of manufacture: American parts with American parts for example, Mexican/Mexican, Japanese/Japanese, etc. However, this does not guarantee that there will be no parts coupling problem for different models manufactured in the same country.
    Before trying, we strongly advise you to consult the manufacturer's website or a luthier accustomed to assembling different models of Fender® or to consult any technical documentation allowing you to confirm the compatibility of the chosen parts. This question arises less for electronic parts and fittings, although it is still necessary to check before choosing this type of part.
  • What are the different handle shapes and profiles? Unless otherwise specified, most Fender guitar and bass necks have a "C" shaped profile. Several thicknesses and widths exist. The thick profiles in the shape of a "U" or in a wide "V" (V boat) exist on the vintage type models from the 40s/50s/60s. The profiles from the 60's are mostly thin "C" profiles, symmetrical or asymmetrical.
  • What are the specifications of the products sold on the site? Fender guitars have been around since 1948 and dominate the global electric guitar market. In fact, Fender® parts have become standards, their format, their dimensions placed at the rank of international standard. All models have evolved over time with minor improvements both in terms of violin making and electronics. The official Fender® website offers detailed specification sheets for all of their models. The site also offers other useful links that can help your custom guitar project.
  • What woods are the violin pieces made of ( neck , body)? Most of the time the parts are made of Ash, Alder for the bodies and maple for the neck . The fingerboards on the necks are sometimes in rosewood, ebony and maple as well, see our specific help about Fender® necks. Some low-end bodies are made of basswood or pine. Exotic wood parts are rarer from Fender factories, they come more often from independent "custom-shops" manufacturing parts under Fender license such as Warmoth for example. Parts of walnut, flamed maple or "birdeyes" maple in cocobolo and zebrano are very rare.
  • Do the bodies have a nitro-cellulose (nitro-synthetic) varnish finish? If the body has a nitrocellulose finish, this will be stated in the listing description. This type of varnish was widely used until the early 70's. " vintage " models are often varnished with nitrocellulose. Since the 80's Fender most often uses higher quality thicker and more resistant varnishes: polyurethane, polyester, acrylic.
  • Do you have any wiring diagrams for the pickups and potentiometers? Consult our violin making knowledge base, you may find some good advice. The official Fender site offers all the wiring diagrams on its website, you will also find detailed documentation in images on the Seymour Duncan site.
  • Are the parts sold on the site new or used? This information can be found in each ad, most of our pieces are from destocking and second-hand. Second-hand, old and used parts are classified in a specific category on the website in the “used” category.
  • Are the Flights-Cases and cases suitable for all models of electric and acoustic guitars? No, even the Flight-cases can know differences according to the Fender® models and the years of manufacture. vintage Fender Tweed or tolex type cases are generally Telecaster/Stratocaster compatible but not compatible with an Ibanez or Yamaha bass or guitar. Unless otherwise stated, we sell cases compatible with all Fender models, this information is specified in the advertisements.

For any questions and information on deliveries or on our Fender® products that are not mentioned in this FAQ, please refer to the product sheets or contact our technical support in French.

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French specialist in dealing Fender Stratocaster since 2009, Telecaster, Jazz and Precision Bass parts, new or refurb : Necks, bodies, loaded pickguards, mounted plates and circuit controllers, hardware, pickups, accessories. Consult our Fender lutherie practical blog sheets, customization and maintenance guide for Fender® electric guitars and basses.