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About France Guitare Spare Parts Fender France Stratocaster Telecaster

France Guitare official Fender parts dealer for Stratocaster - Telecaster - Necks, Bodies, Loaded pickguard, relic kit, Custom Shop Pickups, hardware, tremolos, etc.

Who are we?

France Guitare offers all the parts to customize Fender® brand guitars and type Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, JazzMaster, Jazz Bass, etc for all series of the Fender® range: Artist, Classic, American Vintage, Classic Player, Deluxe, American Deluxe, Standard, etc.

Fender® france spare parts and accessories: necks, bodies, pickguards pickups, for guitars and basses...

France Guitare offers new or used Fender® parts in excellent condition allowing you to customize or modify a Fender® type "Custom" electric guitar : Stratocaster and Telecaster sleeves, Precision and Jazz Bass, Strat® guitar bodies, Telecaster bodies, instrument parts, electronics and accessories.

Our shop offers new or used parts manufactured by Fender® in the USA, Mexico or Japan depending on the model ranges offered by the Californian brand.

Why buy Fender® parts at France Guitare?

Have you ever bought Fender® brand sleeves or bodies in the USA thinking of getting a good deal? So you bought a neck or a Stratocaster® or Telecaster® body on ebay at "Stratosphere" (stratosphere parts - Reliable Fender - stratosphere ebay) and you found that it was not so profitable as you initially imagined.Like many guitarists who are fans of Fender® guitars, all buyers who have tried have been able to see at their expense that :

Fender France Guitare Custom ShopFrance Guitare : sale of Fender Stratocaster spare parts...

pièces détachées fender d'occasionWho are we? France Guitare is a site for Fender® guitar enthusiasts in particular, but also and especially Blues-Rock music.

The objective of this site is to allow all Fender® Custom enthusiasts to improve their guitars by exchanging neck, body or electronics and thus obtain a personalized instrument that meets their sound expectations.

Avoid dealing directly with foreign sites outside the euro area to buy Fender® brand sleeves, bodies and replacement violin parts. All parts sold on this site, neck, body, hardware and electronic guitar parts are branded parts whether they are switches, vibratos or mécaniques (Kluson or Gotoh, TIP, CTS, and others), thus meeting the specifications of all Fender® category guitars.

  • The shipping costs are exorbitant and non-negotiable including for a small $ 10 piece weighing barely 100 grams with $ 50 shipping costs (real fake bargain!!) ;
  • In case of problems, the buyer has a virtual but inapplicable right of withdrawal with a seller based in the USA : returning your part at your expense for an exchange or refund will become too expensive. Any carrier will cost between 50 and 100 € TTC to ship a neck or a body in the USA against signature with insurance, and without guarantee that you will be refunded if the product is not in good condition once it arrives at the merchant ;
  • Any guitar piece with a value of more than € 45 excluding VAT is subject to customs duties and VAT as soon as it arrives on French territory. These taxes apply to the prices of the parts as well as to the additional shipping costs. A piece purchased for $ 250 including shipping costs in the USA will actually cost you € 240 excluding application fees. Chronopost checks and delivers the goods after customs clearance. To do this, Chronopost will charge you € 22 including VAT of flat-rate application fees regardless of the value of the piece. A piece purchased for $ 250 will actually cost you € 250 including VAT when it arrives at your home. Same with USPS which redirects to colissimo in France ;
  • If the goods are shipped via another independent carrier, the latter will be responsible for collecting the taxes upon delivery, to be refunded to the state. This is the case for all carriers such as DHL, UPS, etc ;
  • Declared or not, the goods are checked, if the seller does not mention the contents of the package and its value at shipment, you risk an estimate of the value of the goods at the convenience of customs: the value of the imported goods will be fixed according to a scale calculated on the basis of the new prices known for foreign brands marketed in France. In fact, a piece whose second-hand purchase value is € 100 may be estimated at double its value if it is not declared on the package. This is at the buyer's risk. The seller will place the invoice inside or outside the package: During a check, customs will be able to verify the real value of the good before calculating the customs duties and the amount of VAT due ;
  • There is no real good plan on buying in the USA because the right of withdrawal is only possible in Europe, if you encounter an incompatibility between a neck and a body, or a part that has become defective during shipment, the exchange operation, if it is possible and proposed by the seller, will be excessively expensive. Pay €150 only to return a neck guitar and asking for an exchange is not a good deal. Knowing that you will pay the taxes again for the exchanged parts ;
  • If a returned part has become defective during shipping, the seller has the right not to refund you, you should know this: The burden of proof is on the buyer, so it is the importer who will take all the risks.
New and used Fender electric guitar parts

manche guitare fender stratJust compare the prices with those charged by professional sellers on ebay like Stratosphere Reliable Fender and / or the prices of used parts offered by individuals in the USA: once the shipping costs and customs fees have been applied, FranceGuitare's prices are more competitive or similar on high-end parts. To finish, France Guitare is available to advise you and help you with your choice using a free phone number. By email we will answer you within 48 hours max!

France Guitare sells new or used parts. Some rarer spare parts (sleeves and body) are sometimes used made in the USA by luthiers or "Custom Shop" having a license to manufacture parts to the Fender® standard. Some of the pieces sold on our site are sometimes unique and offered on the auction market on . All the hardware parts and electronic guitar parts are brand parts whether they are switches, vibratos or mécaniques (Kluson or Gotoh, TIP, CTS, and others), thus meeting the specifications of all Fender® category guitars.

It should also be understood that the parts Used Fender Stratocaster sold occasionally by individuals on ebay are not representative of the price and quality of Fender® parts sold new on the French market. Apart from the risk of buying a fake and counter-made part, a new or used Fender® guitar worth € 1200 in the trade will never see its neck new (or reconditioned) sold at a low price for 200 € or 300 € under the sole pretext that it has already been mounted on a guitar!!

The new marked-down sleeves are very often sold between 250 and 300 € for an equivalent level of range and finish: It is therefore not necessary to hope to find new (or reconditioned) Fender® brand parts sold at the same price as marked-down parts. Connoisseurs will understand: the prices on the spare parts market are not the same as those of used guitars!!

France Guitare also offers and more rarely unique objects such as amplifiers or amplifier parts, effects pedals vintage or old guitar (vintage) next to the argus of collectible guitars. Our goal? To provide our customers with parts of impeccable quality that meet the requirements of guitarists and luthiers passionate about Fender® guitars, at the world market price. As such, we do everything we can to answer our customers' questions, help you with your choices and deliver in the best possible conditions the parts that will allow you to assemble the guitar of your dreams.

Our stocks are sometimes limited (pieces in limited copies) and supply times are sometimes long. In this regard, we advise you to consult our general terms and conditions of sale to understand and know our commitments on delivery and warranty conditions, or to contact our support to find out more about the status of our stock. Custom-made parts (assembled plates, relic, etc.) require preparation time and we cannot supply these parts in 48 hours!!


From Tuesday to Friday from 14:00 to 18:00 without interruption. In case of absence leave your message, your contact details and the subject of your call on the messenger, we will contact you as soon as possible, within 48/72 hours by email or phone. If you need a direct and express contact, we are available to inform you by e-mail as a matter of priority. We are sometimes caught up in the production and packaging of products and cannot always take calls. Thank you for your understanding.

All the enthusiasts of Fender® are welcome! The reader will note that France Guitare has no dealers and no connection with some "ebayers" who claim to buy counterfeit Fender parts in our shop : If you are in doubt about the authenticity of a piece allegedly purchased in our shop, then ask the seller for proof of purchase.

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French specialist in dealing Fender Stratocaster since 2009, Telecaster, Jazz and Precision Bass parts, new or refurb : Necks, bodies, loaded pickguards, mounted plates and circuit controllers, hardware, pickups, accessories. Consult our Fender lutherie practical blog sheets, customization and maintenance guide for Fender® electric guitars and basses.