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Fender guitar and bass necks: Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass.

France Guitare Replacement necks for Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass guitars: There are essentially 2 main categories of Fender® guitar and bass necks distributed in Europe: Made in Mexico necks and made in USA necks, and some Japanese series in limited edition, this set of neck for Stratocaster and Telecaster neck . There are also old series made in japan and the low-end Squier type made in Korea or China depending on the year and model. Made in Japan parts have not been officially distributed by Fender® on French territory for more than ten years.

Replacement necks for Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass guitars

1 - Prices and features of Genuine Fender® Made in Mexico necks

In the Stratocaster neck range and the Telecaster neck range , we find for necks as for bodies the following series of models at the bottom and mid- range made in mexico , the most common in the demand for spare parts (non-exhaustive list):

  • Fender Player, Blacktop or other standard Mexican series necks in 21 or 22 frets: special double humbucker series, slightly narrower neck , mix of modern and vintage , medium jumbo frets, maple and rosewood fingerboard, standard modern radius 9.5", body 60s style and modern neck , vintage 6-point vibrato 52 mm apart Mi-Mi Average price without mechanics: between €330 and €390 incl. tax;
  • Fender Classic Series (Vintage) necks, Strat neck type Classic Serie 50s (54-57 reissue type), classic Serie 60s (60-62 reissue type) and Classic 70s (69-79 reissue type), Reissue Vintage model from the beginning of the range taking up the characteristics of the famous models of the brand and the color codes specific to each of the models, the fittings and the pickguards are of the vintage type. Average price without mechanics: between €350 and €430 including tax depending on the series (the anniversary series are more expensive and benefit from a better quality finish in wood and finish);

manche classic serie 70s

  • Fender Vintage Mexican Classic Player type necks : hybrid reissue series, Vintera, Classic Player, RoadHouse or Player Plus type inspired by vintage 50's and 60's type models from the Classic range but improved by the addition of modern hardware (tremolo colon) and the Vintage Custom Shop pickup assembly. Fender® Vintera necks feature a modern radius and a choice of mid-grade tonewoods, vintage machine head tuners and frets. The choice of colors is limited, these models were created by the Fender Custom Shop and carry the transition between the Mexican range and the USA American Special or American Standard intermediate range. Average price without mechanics: between €380 and €450 including tax ;

manche Fender classic player 50s

  • Fender Deluxe Player and Power Player necks, Deluxe Series, Nashville, etc: Mexican series including the Deluxe Power (HSS type), Deluxe Player, Roadhouse and Lone Star (also HSS) ranges. The Deluxe series is intended to be the lower-end equivalent of the American Deluxe but does not benefit from the quality and finishing efforts made to the models made in the USA . Average price without mechanics: €370 including tax ;
  • Fender Relic Road Worn™ necks: Low-end Custom Shop Relic type series RoadWorn Mexico incorporates the brand's classic models in vintage mode (50's and 60's) in used relic mode, as their name suggests, guitars that have been very played, which we do on the road and a lot of scene!! We find some of the characteristics of the American Vintage models (colors, nitro varnish and vibrato or vintage type bridge), the Fender® Road Worn necks benefit from an artificially worn old-fashioned preparation and finish (aged relic). Average price without mechanics: between €420 including tax.


In the range Stratocaster and Telecaster necks (including Jaguar , Mustang, JazzMaster and others), we find for the necks as for the bodies the following series of models in medium and high range made in the USA . All these Fender necks and Fender bodies have notable differences compared to the made in mexico pieces. With the exception of the Artist or Vintage models, all the other series are equipped with 22-fret neck with a more or less flat type C profile, with a progressive radius or not, more or less thin frets affecting playing comfort:

  • Fender American Professional Stratocaster neck : neck with small pre-CBS 60s type head, 4 screw points and 22 narrow tall frets, radius of 9.5" sometimes 10", rosewood fingerboard or one-piece maple neck , formerly Am-Standard series. Average price without mechanics: between €590 and €700 including tax;

Manche Fender® Stratocaster Highway one

  • Fender® American Standard or Professional neck from 2017 rosewood or maple fingerboard : the classic Fender profile "C" or "deep C" for the professional, nut 42.8mm to 43mm wide, sometimes a little less, neck 22 medium jumbo frets, narrow tall on the Professional series, one-piece maple neck or rosewood fingerboard, standard Schaller machine head tuners stepped since 2008. Average price without tuners: between €680 including tax;

manche stratocaster standard usa

  • Fender® American Original series neck which has replaced the American Vintage and Am Vintage Hot Rod series since 2017: Reproduction of the models that have made the success of the brand since its inception, the 54, 57, 59, 62, 69, the 21 fret neck Fine satin or gloss amber nitrocellulose finish, radius and vintage frets 7.25 to 9.5 depending on the series (periods of reproduction), old-fashioned neck profiles also progressive C or V or even asymmetrical depending on the models. Average new price without mechanics: between €650 and €780 including tax depending on the model, year of production and series (anniversary, FSR or limited edition);

manche american vintage 62 reissue

  • Fender® American Deluxe, Elite, Ultra or Professional II limited series neck: The most upscale with the Select series, neck with medium jumbo or jumbo frets depending on the year and series, locking mechanics, rolling string guide nut, maple high-end, polyurethane satin varnish, mother-of-pearl or abalone marker. The neck with a modern "C" or "D" versatile profile and width depending on the series, progressive compensated radius. Average price without mechanics: between €700 and €900 including tax depending on the model and the type of wood.

manche telecaster american deluxe anniversary

  • Fender® Artist Signature neck: neck reproduction of the flagship models of artists who have played on Fender, neck Eric Clapton , Stevie Ray, Hendrix, Gallagher, Robert Cray, Knopfler, etc. The sleeves generally take up the same characteristics as the sleeves used on their favorite Strat or telecaster : varnish, fingerboard, radius, machine head tuners , nut, tint, etc. Average price without mechanics: between €780 (for Mexican series) and more than €1,200 incl. tax on Custom Shop level series, depending on series rarity (limited or not) and model (some series are made in mexico ). Custom Shop model sold in general not below 1200€ TTC sometimes more than 1500€ for the limited series called collector.

manche stratocaster artist eric clapton

Above all, remember that the price depends as much on the level of quality, as on the price of the whole guitar because many Fender necks are not sold by Fender. It is therefore sometimes necessary to disassemble a guitar to obtain the neck , which explains the price of the parts because the bodies and other spare parts are much less in demand. Obviously, we play our fingers more willingly on the neck than on the body of the guitar. ;-)

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